First Strike FS1 Digital Satellite Finder Meter
First Strike FS1 Digital Satellite Signal Finder Meter

First Strike Meters was founded in 2008 by DMS International when development of the FS1 was launched with the idea of making a affordable satellite signal meter using meter technology instead of the STB (Set Top Box) technology commonly used in the affordable meters on the market.

First Strike true meter technology has several advantages, it has no measurable latency and because there is no delay in signal readings the installer can swing the dish and find the signal much faster. (Fast Sweep Technology)

True meter technology produces usable and accurate units of measure that can be used for many things like adjusting amplifiers for MDUs or recording measurements for later comparison.

First Strike FS1 was a overnight success and it keeps getting bigger. If you want a quality professional meter, the FS1 is your best choice.

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Sathero SH-200 Digital Satellite Finder Meter
Sathero SH-200 Digital Satellite Signal Finder

Sathero SH-200 works anywhere in the world and is a lightest and most practical Digital Satellite TV Signal meter in the world. It is a professional satellite finder tool of cost effective design for the satellite TV installer or end user.

Easily and quickly search DVB-S2, DVB-S, MPEG-4, ABS-S, MPEG-4, CBS2/MPEG4, ISDB(Japan BSD HDTV) and other satellite signals.

Simplified design, simplified menus, easy operations. The whole meter has only seven shortcut buttons, easy for new users.

High quality and stability from our tuner imported from Japan to ensure display data accuracy.

High contrast, anti-glare LCD Screen in bold font. Menu can be read easily in the sun without shading.

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Trimax SM-4500 Digital Satellite Finder Meter
Trimax SM-4500 Satellite Signal Finder Meter
  • - Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
  • - Shows strength and quality readings
  • - Shows channel picture
  • - Shows both S/N and C/N
  • - Show numerical reading and bar reading
  • - Completely programmable by the user
  • - Signal Lock Light
  • - Audio tone
  • - 3.5 inch TFT LCD Screen
  • - DiSEqC Control
  • - 22KHz Control
  • - Indicator Lights for 13/18 volts
  • - Indicator lights for 22 KHz
  • - Calculates Azimuth and Elevation
  • - USB port for software upgrades
  • - Global AC power charger included
  • - 12VDC power car charger included
  • - Carrying case included
  • - Neck strap included
  • - USB software upgrade cable included

For the first time in a economical digital meter, you are able to view the actual channel on the screen of the meter. Now you can quickly and accurately align the satellite AND you can instantly check the stability of the channel right on the screen of the meter.

Transponders, Frequency, Symbol Rate, Polarity, and other settings can be modified by the user. There is never a need to send your meter in for a upgrade.

Meter never needs to be returned for re-calibration due to the unique calibration system built in to the meter. Each time the meter boots up it automatically calibrates for optimum performance so you can align each install with confidence.

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